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An educational model with more than 45 years of experience

Since our inception, we have understood education as an integral part of the development of a person, as well as, fostering students’ interest in learning, introducing them in the different disciplines from real environments that combine the formative and experimental aspects, and encouraging the coexistence of students.
This model defends and promotes human values, work ethic and responsible commitment to the environment. A desirable educational model for our children.

Sum of educational principles endorsed for years

  • -The upmost respect towards human values.
  • -Rigor in teaching.
  • -Discipline and structure while working with others.
  • -High expectations for the quality of work and its completion.

Our values

  • -Responsibility and strong work ethic.
  • -A promise to peace and tolerance: No to violence.
  • -Being open to dialogue, respecting other and no discrimination.
  • -Personal wellness education.

Learning model

  • -Pedagogical innovation center through Independent Thinking.
  • -English Bilingual program: from Infant Education till 2nd of Baccalaureate.
  • -Native English Teachers with pedagogical knowledge.
  • -Mathematics program (ABN method for Infant and Primary Education)
  • -Integral program for Programming, Office automation, and Robotics (for all levels)
  • -Art program (music, chorus and theater)
  • -Protocol of early detection of students with learning problems
  • -Development of Study Techniques
  • -Educational project based on:

          -Science and technology

          -Art and Humanities


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