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Rhythmic gymnastics consists of the art of developing, strengthening and giving flexibility to the body by means of physical exercise done along with rhythmic music and great plastic beauty. Originally it was called “rhythmic” due to the constant presence of the rhythm to be followed along with the music. 
Its origin comes from ballet and gymnastics. Although initially it was not a regulated sport, rhythmic gymnastics has developed its basic foundational rules and regulations as we know them today.

The objectives for the school year regarding the practice of rhythmic gymnastics are as follows:

  • To increase flexibility and strengthen all muscles.
  • To get in good physical condition.
  • To increase the ability to react.
  • To favor spatial orientation.
  • To exercise short and long term memory.
  • To develop hearing and sense of rhythm.
  • To develop laterality, balance and coordination of movements.
  • To develop the sense of harmony and aesthetics.
  • To enjoy working our body language.
  • To learn the basics of rhythmic gymnastics.
  • To execute difficulties according to the FIG Code Rhythmic Gymnastics and the regulations in the “Federación Madrileña de Gimnasia”.
  • To get to know different apparatus.
  • To get to know difficult elements: jumps, leaps and balances.
  • Participation in exhibitions.
  • Participation in competitions.

Objectives to bear in mind related to health and safety while practicing this activity:

  • Knowledge of the health condition of the students.
  • Appropriate clothing for the sport practice.
  • Body protection to prevent injuries.
  • Warming up before starting the activity.
  • Stretching at the end of the activity as well as relaxation.
  • No training on either a full or empty stomach.
  • To keep a balanced diet.
  • To avoid dehydration by drinking water when feeling thirsty.
  • To sleep the enough amount of hours in order to prevent tiredness and injuries.
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