JUDO is an educational sport with a high socializing component. Its practice since early ages has proved to be an excellent method in physical education, which highlights values such as respect towards their peers, self-control, gaming, discipline, effort and self-improvement.

UNESCO recognizes the importance of practicing from an early age and many doctors and psychologists recommend this activity. Based on game and fighting, judo helps the student improve their social skills and discipline. This helps differentiate between sport combat and violent acts, within the framework of a healthy atmosphere of friendship and comradeship within a group of reference.

Furthermore, many women in our country participate in the Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships with excellent results. As a result, it encourages many young girls to practice this sport. Judo is the second sport with the most number of participants all over the world, after football.

Our students, practicing with their parents during an exhibition

In action during a competition

Enjoying the effort after the competition

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